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Friday, March 11th, 2005
9:43 pm

Hey y'all,

Falling from the Skies, chapter two, up now!!!

Go on, have a gander...

Coming soon to this forum! Behind the scenes look at Falling!


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Monday, February 28th, 2005
7:39 pm


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am thrilled to announce the birth of the joint project. The combined mad literary skillz of Foulds, Mesanshade, Christianneoplayer, Keeperofthecarf and Genocideking Archfiend are proud to present;

Falling From The Skies

Go on, go check ff.net right now. You know you want to...

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Sunday, February 20th, 2005
5:46 pm - Maintenance Update

Hey all, just a quick note;

I have fixed the link to ff.net, so you can click straight into AW fanfiction from this forum (the reason for the problem being that ff.net recently changed all its URLs rather pointlessly).


(Hawke! Come to me)

5:30 pm - The Greatest Fic Ever Written (Possibly)

Hey y'all,

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that the alliance of AW ficcers (Foulds, Keeper of the Scarf, Genocideking Archfield, Christianneoplayer and Mesanshade) is exceedingly close to producing the first chapter of the as yet untitled joint project.

Sorry it's been a little quiet in the AW section at ff.net, but that's almost certainly as us five have had out fic time taken up by this project.

We have a complete first draft, which seems to have been generally accepted (aside from a few minor points to verify) by the group. Thanks for your patience in this matter!

All the best, and look out for it,

Jon Foulds

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Friday, February 18th, 2005
9:27 am - A little more information, a little less... hang on

Ok, just to clarify;

I think it's time we moved the plot sensitive stuff off the open forum, as now and later (when, as will happen, hundreds of people will read the story) anyone could look up this forum and be told the ending. I think that shouldn't happen, and so I deleted all the plot sensitive comments. Reposted the same message and added the comments there.

For those new to LJ, I used a locked entry. This measn that it will appear in the friends page, and not the forum (though I'm not sure where exactly. You should be able to click on friends on the list of options over Hawke and, if you're one of the 5 writers, see it straight away. Alternatively, click on profile to get you back to an LJ main menu, then hold the mouse over 'Journal' and then 'Friends' and the entries I posted should appear.

I would ask anyone who is going to post plot sensitive material to do the same. To set up your own 'locked entry'. Hold the mouse over 'Manage' and then 'Friends' and then click on 'Edit/Add Friends Groups'. Create a new group, and, using the right hand side of the screen, add the five writers into it. Then, when you write a post, using the box at the bottom (including mood, music, etc), click on the tab labelled 'security' and set it to 'custom'. At that point, a box will appear. Tick the box of whatever you named the group of writers, and then ONLY the 5 will see it in their friends pages.

PS, this doesn't mean that LJ's open forum is already useless. I say we use the LJ forum to discuss chapters already posted, and private locked entries for material not yet posted.

PPS, Christi, I checked my locked group, and you should be in it... Scarf replied, so I guess he must have seen it. Let me know if you still don't see any locked entries (you'll know they're locked as they have a little padlock symbol next to them), then let me know, and I'll try to fix it, ok?


(Hawke! Come to me)

Thursday, February 17th, 2005
8:22 am

Hey y'all,

Ok, on account of the fact we now seem to be discussing plot sensitive material, I've removed all the comments from the last post. I have reposted it, along with all your lovely comments as a friends only thing, so that only us 5 can see it. The reason is that people like Jaesai and Macross are potential readers, and I don't want to ruin anything for them.

The reposted entry can be found in your friends page.

All the best, Jon

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Monday, February 14th, 2005
9:09 pm - an update


Hey all,

Ok, I think I've got a vague plan worked out, which I hope everyone can get behind. So far, I've only spoken to Archfiend, and we went over a few ideas, and I think that helped.

Firstly, I don't want to exclude anyone from this, and I thought that while 3 people would be good, 3 characters most certainly wouldn't, as we do need more POVs than that. Therefore, I came to the following proposal for the story's structure. Please note, while I do use the future in this proposal a lot, that doesn't mean I'm dictating anything. I'm just saying it could be done this way;

  • There will be five writers (Keeper of the Scarf, Mesanshade, Foulds, Genocideking Archfiend and Christianneoplayer).
  • Each of the writers named above will choose a character from whose perspective they will write their chapters. Of course, an author may occasionally take on a new POV for a chapter; the point is that POV doesn't sway around as much as it sometimes might.
  • Each of the writers named above will write from a third person perspective (for consistancy), using the viewpoint of a non omniscient narrator, who can only see into the mind of the POV character. Exceptions are of course allowed, but POV should not sway too much. In all fairness, this seems to be the natural preferred writing style of everyone mentioned above.
  • The reasoning behind assigning fixed view points is to prevent narrative inconsistency. If several people each write a section on Hawke, the tone and characterisation will vary massively, and the sections might seem harder to follow.
  • Updates are to be once a week, on a predetermined day (ie, Friday).
  • As we have five writers, I suggest that the fic should be broken up into three weekly blocks. Basically, each chapter contains the chapter of two authors, to provide greater variation of tone, and combat the problems of the limitations of a chapter with only one POV character. Therefore, every week, two authors write their sections, which go up together. Another week, two other authors write their sections. At some point in the rotation of three weeks, one author writes a chapter of only one section. With five stories to choose from, I can't believe that we couldn't manage to give one character a full chapter.
  • As an example of the previous system (using randomly chosen pairings and timings), within a three week rotation, Scarf and Mesanshade might write chapter 1, Genocide and Christi might write chapter 2, and I might write a full length chapter three.
  • Because of the combination of two sections written by different people, I suggest that we need an editor. This editor is sent the fics, at which point he combines them into a single chapter, and posts it. It will not be the editor's responsibility to proof read the chapter. A chapter should be sent to the editor only after the author is happy with it. The editor has no right to change the content in any way. The editor will not choose the name of the title of the chapter (which will be a matter to be decided by the two authors). We can discuss if anyone wants this task later.
  • An excessive number of words has badly hurt fics in the past (cough cough Soaring cough cough), and I want to avoid that. Therefore, I would suggest a word limit for each entry of 3000 words a chapter, and so 1500 words a section, with 1000 words a section a far preferred maximum, as it gives room for description and also keeps it from getting out of control. As this is an exercise in trying to allow us all a more relaxed fic experience, I think a word limit is a good idea. As Scarf says, we shouldn't be too strict about this.
  • The pairings of each three week cycle can be determined by email, AIM, MSN or LJ post. Btw, Shade, I strongly suggest you get an AOL AIM account (they're free) as the other free have one, and I signed up to speak to them.

Ok, I think that's about it. I think that such a format might work, but I of course understand that this is completely up to all of you, and will make changes if necessary. If all of you agree on such a structure, I'll make arrangements to start discussing the plot. As previously mentioned, I have a vague idea that I've toyed around with, but it lacks so much focus that it might be well suited, as everyone will get a lot of input.

Unfortunately, after a chat with Genocide, I'm not sure it'll work in a character-specific POV piece, and if so, I'm happy to start from scratch and begin with a new plot. We'll deal with that if/when we have to, and a conference on AIM seems the easiest method of discussing it openly and quickly (as we are at most 6 hours apart in time zones).

Anyway, opinions?


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Sunday, February 13th, 2005
1:31 pm - Joint project


Hey all,


I was seriously not expecting such a strong and keen reaction to the idea of a unified AW fic. Well, I guess that settles it then; it will go ahead. First we have a few things to sort out. As much as I love the idea of a joint fic, I'm not sure about the numbers involved. I would have said that three is a good number, but of course I'm not going to say anything concrete. I guess it has to be up to everyone. How many should be involved. I'm just thinking that 5 perspectives could be too confusing, and by the time we've had five chapters, maybe the reader will have forgotten the first character's section.

Of course, there are alternatives.

One idea is to assign a nation to each of us, which would work. But, the big problem is of course that this would stop countries' COs talking to any other nations (because who would write that...?). Maybe it's not such a great idea.

My initial thought was to have three people involved; one playing Black Hole, and then two others playing two other characters from the alliance. Of course, I suppose we could have three COs. In this situation, perhaps it would be better for the protagonist COs to avoid each other, except maybe at the end. In general, I was thinking of the following format;

  • Prose, but with direct speech.
  • An update once a week, on the same day (ie, so each would have to write a chapter the same number of weeks as we have authors... yes).
  • A strict word limit on each chapter (just so it can't get too time consuming)
  • Not first person. There is a narrator, but he is presumably NOT omniscient, and ought to stick with his one character and only know the thoughts of the POV character. All other characters may only be described as the POV character perceives them... though, as always, strict POV rules can go right of the window to create 'the foreboding ending'.

Ok, if you really desperately want to do this, I'm happy to allow in plenty of people (maybe some character could share a chapter; ie, two short chapters could be put in) but if anyone feels it just sounds interesting, do say so.

Ok, next, the plot. Now I'm not sure if any of you that showed an interest in the piece had your own plot in mind. If not, I do have a intriguing little plot in mind that I'd love to look at, but don't really have focus for. Anyway, I've leave my rambling to see what other people think, and any of my ideas will of course be freely adapting to 'absorb' any plots/ideas/set pieces you'd love to add in.

Oh yes, and I've added you all to my MSN / AIM lists to have a chat about it all. So any of y'all can contact me about it, I am officially jon_foulds101@hotmail.com on MSN and 'Jon Foulds 86' on AIM.

Maybe later we can organise a time to conference as a group, when we know who exactly is involved, as this will be quicker than email plotting (as a staunch supporter of knowing where a fic is going), but then, figuring out time differences will be fun.

Anyway, that's the end of a lengthy post.


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Friday, February 11th, 2005
5:35 pm


Hey all.

Ok, first thing's first. I thought the Eagle discussion topic was a fantastic success, and a good show of what this community is for. I'd love to think of inexperienced writers being able to use it as a resource. I hope many other threads are so successful.

Ok, the main reason for this post. I'm a bit sad that I just don't have time for as much writing as I'd like to do, and especially sad that I seem to be neglecting AW for Star Wars at the moment. However, I really do lack the time to actually keep writing everything I want to write. Therefore, I've decided...

I want to start a joint project with another author or several authors.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the principle, in larger fandoms, two or more well known writers often join up to write something. The procedure is to set up a new account and write through that one, with all parties knowing the password. In many cases, each author writes from the perspective of a single character, but that isn't essential. One person writes one chapter, then the next writes his or her chapter.

The reason is that I have quite a few things I want to write, and a few rough plots and stuff sketched out, and I'd love to be able to see it take form with the aid of some of the ridiculously talented individuals here. As you'd only write every second or third chapter, it should be pretty easy to do, and it'd be a fun experiment I reckon.

Anyway, anyone else got a story they don't have time to tell? Reply if interested.


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Saturday, February 5th, 2005
11:23 pm - Topic for consideration...

Ok y'all, time for curious little musing for you. This is the thread for all thoughts about a certain CO. I don't want to write any overarching theories that explain it all (though I have them) mainly as it would ruin the end of Soaring, but I just want a forum to exist, to discuss...


So, what do we all think of Eagle? Villain in the first game? Hero in the second? Is it that simple? Can the Eagles of the two games possibly be reconciled in terms of character, or did Ninty just ignore continuity? Should he be with Sami or Jess? Was continuing the attack against Hawke heroic or foolish? I personally presently love the interpretation of Eagle in Competing with Perfection, but do you think any fic has a standout 'Eagle' moment! Feel free to quote one!

So, any opinions on Eagle then...?

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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
8:45 pm - The Original Character Database!

I now officially open the database for all original characters! Feel free to add those from other fics whose writers are unlikely to show up, but other than that, people can probably add their own!

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5:55 pm

Hey all,

Right, I've come up with another use for this forum as a resource. After I (wholly accidently) ended up using the White Sun nation, after CO Mel got to it first, I setting up this thread as an archive of all original countries and, so that none are reused. Of course, comment and add on your own (I'm not mentioning Red Mesa, I don't know enough about it!).

White Sun (Foulds);

Approximately 1000 years ago, later became the four nations we know. Clashed with Black Hole's original civilisation, and defeated them due to a super weapon called the 'White Sun' Sturm was one of those badly injured. The weapon was eventually buried in Green Earth territory. Other details lost. Hawke attempted to use the White Sun weapon, but Eagle was able to destroy it.

White Nova (Lilly Dragon);

A small country, which has seemingly avoided Black Hole's attention so far. Hawke is presently using Lash's new spider droids against it. The country is ruled by Marie, and supported by COs Seth and William (presently injured).

White Nova (Sokar the Destroyer)

A curious nation with an as yet unspecified link with Sturm. Their units have a clear similarity to Black Hole's. Led by Horahkti, and his daughter Sehkmet, who are supported by Seth and Sobek, White Nova appears to believe Sturm is still alive. Their forces have destroyed regional forces of both Black Hole and the alliance, but the invasion, despite the presence of the Xenotank weapon, has since stalled due to writer's block.

White Nova (Steelborn Warrior);

A largely pointless country where people speak in stunted script format. Ruled by Michael and Clayton, both of whom lack characterisation. Clayton has a habit of having largely pointless adventures.

Silver Mountain (Macross Green);

Another small nation, possibly within the same landmass as Black Hole itself. Previously very oppressed and used for weapons' testing, Sturm seems to have taken a very strong dislike to the country, personally conducting executions on at least one occassion. Under Hawke's rule, there appeared to be a strategic retreat. The COs, Arik, Net, Lance and Sheila, assumed that this was on account of their victories. In fact, Black Hole has been orchestrating a new conflict between Silvr Mountain and Orange Star, which appears to be largely under Adder's command. Silver Mountain is presently preparing for a full assault, after Sheila assumed that Arik's humanitarian thoughts were in fact treacherous.

If anyone has read CO Mel's work, add his White Sun, as well as any others I've missed!

I will soon start a thread for original COs (hopefully ultimately ending in a deathmatch to determine who's the coolest!)


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Sunday, January 30th, 2005
10:18 am

Hey all,

Ok, I concede, I've been slightly disappointed with the response to Soaring too close to the Sun. Not particularly now, but in general terms, and, especially, compared to Hawke's Vengeance. I knew there were risks in a prequel, in as far as there would be original characters everywhere, but I thought it was better written than Vengeance. Hey, what else is this community for? Please, tell me why Soaring has been so unpopular compared to Vengeance, and why does it receive so few reviews. What's wrong with it? Do I have readers who don't review, or just no readers at all? What could I change?

For those who may not have read it, it features characters that are clearly required for a history (Sonja's mother, who I've named Ami, and Eagle's father, who I called Phoenix). Aside from that, the only real liberty I've taken is Sturm's cloned son, Deinos.

Oh, and just as a shameless attempt to muster some readers, here's a few little extracts from throughout the fic,


Black Hole’s attack helicopters swept overhead, firing their machine guns over the decks. The infantry leapt to the sides of the boats and used the rails and lifeboats as cover, returning the fire. Sensei ran for the bridge as another wave of B-copters soared into view, firing without hesitation. Sensei rushed up the stairs as he heard bullets tear apart the metalwork around him, and couldn’t bear to look around as voices started to scream before being silenced,

“Sensei!” one voice called out. A desperate young voice. One that had trusted Sensei with his life, “Sensei!”

Sensei didn’t turn around. He had to get to cover. Suddenly a shooting pain tore through his leg as the scattering fire of the B-copter happened to find its target. Sensei roared in pain and grasped onto the rail beside him as another bullet shredded his shoulder.

Sensei fell, overcome by the pain. His head struck the metal step with a crack. He stared out at the sea through barely conscious eyes. The world spun. He closed his eyes.



Sturm proceeded to the end of the corridor, where the room narrowed to a thin archway. Behind it, Deinos could see a huge dome shaped room, more dimly lit than the corridor. He noticed steps leading down to the floor, but he couldn’t see what was at the bottom. Deinos waited for his father to step through. Sturm turned away from the arch,

“I cannot enter that room. Go alone”

Deinos walked forwards tentatively. A slight hint of fear crept up on him now. He stepped into the room and gazed at the beautiful shimmering dome shaped ceiling. He noticed that there were no lights. The ceiling was shimmering on its own. Deinos didn’t know what to make of all of this, but this chamber was strongly tied to the power of Black Hole. Deinos, reaching the top of the stairs, looked down.

Then he saw her.


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Saturday, January 29th, 2005
6:34 pm - A little introduction...

Hey all,

First things first, we now have a pretty forum! Thanks to Jen for doing all the technical coding flippery that gives us a forum suitably decorated for AW!

It would seem that a few people are completely new to Livejournal! Ok then, perhaps a quick guide to the basics;

1.) Before you can actually post, you have to join the community. Click on profile in the tab on the left (just above Hawke's head!) to get to the info screen, then click on join. After that, you can post at once!

2.) Post from the same info screen that I just mentioned. You should see a bar with several options (memories, monitor, etc), and you click on the pencil to post.

3.) If you have an opinion on something somebody has said, click on the link labelled 'Hawke! Come to me' underneath, and enter your comment there. It will be emailed to the person you answer. Click on 'x came by your command, my lord Sturm' to see the existing comments and comment on them.

Sorry if I'm going over (very) basic information again for people who regularly use LJ (and those who are addicted to it... like me) but I'm just trying to make it easy for people who are new.

Hope that's helpful!


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9:45 am - Script Format; We shall not be moved... well, maybe a little...

Hey all,

I'm just wondering about script format at the moment. I know the official stance is against it, but I'm just not too sure that's wholly fair. In general cases, I'm not a fan of script format in as far as it seems to be lazy; if the author can't be bothered to write prose, they can't be bothered to write good fiction either.

However, taking into account a recent story, White Nova; Day of the Spider, I can't feel but feel we're being pedantic. If a script format story is better written than an awful prosaic story, why should we hate the script format? In my experience outside of ff.net, dialogue only fics can actually be very curious, as without a narrator to signpost things, the meanings cab often by ambiguous.

As I say, I'm not sure where I stand. I reviewed White Nova positively, and I would do so again.


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Friday, January 28th, 2005
4:05 pm

Hi, Foulds.

Its great to see this forum up and running. Alright! Day one and already we're getting into character depth. First up is Sensei, huh? Cool.

Yeah, first time I saw in the Yellow Campaign he seemed like a pretty humble guy. I thought my eyes were deceiving me whenever I saw him told Adder off in 'Sensei's Return'. The guy's humble and all of the sudden he's tells Adder that he won't win if he didn't understand what he told him. It seemed like he was just stating a fact.

I always did wonder what happened to Sensei that forced him to leave Yellow Comet when he was great CO back then. I think you're right about him losing a huge battle and going into exile. 'Soaring' has a very good interpretation of how he lost. It would be pretty hard to win against units that are completely new to the world. Tanks going up against MD. Tanks, Battle copters taking on Anti-airs, artillery vs rockets... As great as Sensei was there's no way anyone can win against such odds.

Oh by the way, love that 'Love is...' comic. Heh, Adder wishes he could rule the world. Actually accomplishing it is a task outside of his ability. As for Deinos... Not quite how I pictured him but its great nonetheless.

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10:28 pm

Ok all, to clear up some confusion;

There are two communities listed as for ff.netters. This is the correct one! The other was created to be the correct, but due to idiocy on my part, we have two, and this is the one we'll be using from now on!

On an early update; Jen is now a moderator with me, and she'll prettify the site with mad skillz, as she assures me


(Hawke! Come to me)

5:36 pm

Hey all,

And now a little demonstration of the educational use of this society. In what I hope will become a series of discussions hosted by various writers, I would like to look at one character in depth.

And so today, we look at Sensei, as I think about a few generalisations and question the canon;

Sensei seems very modest. That at least was my first impression of him. When he takes on Adder for the first time, he seems, initially, remarkably humble. He comments that even old people can sometimes be useful. He acts like a benevolent grandfather figure to Sonja. He has confidence in Sonja. He is calm and collected. This however, is as far as most fanfiction is willing to delve into his character.

I would suggest that there is far more to him than this. There is, in my opinion, a far darker side to Sensei. He appears less than confident in his missions only as he's talking to Adder, the King of wholly unjustified cockiness.

In fact, in his first mission, Sensei tells Adder quite bluntly that if Adder doesn't understand what Sensei has just told him, then he doesn't have a hope of defeating him! Not confident? Sensei is certain of his victory from Day 1! Compare this to Kanbei! Kanbei may be confident, but he never actually claims that he will win easily. He approaches 'silo scramble' with stoic silence and 'duty and honour' with confidence, but not certainty of victory!

Looking at Sensei's CO Power quotes is interesting too. One in particular strikes me as menacing,

"This will be a crushing victory"

A crushing victory? Are these the words of a benevolent sensei?

Consider also the reaction of each Yellow Comet CO to victory. Sonja, of course, is pleased in Show Stopper, and a Mirror Darkly stands in a league of its own. Kanbei attributes victory to Sonja's silos in 'Silo Scramble' and is fairly quiet after 'Duty and Honour'. However, with Adder defeated in 'Foul Play' Sensei threatens him!

His threat that he might not be able to contain himself is also deeply unnerving. True, it may have been a bluff, but it's a slightly sinister thing to say, given that Sensei is normally portrayed so positively.

One is also able to speculate about his past from what we know. Sensei was a paratrooper. This means that, at some point in his life, he saw front line duty. This is a rare thing in AW. Of all the COs, only Jess has clearly been on the frontlines, actually fighting, though we may reasonably assume that Sami and Kanbei have as well.

The point is that Sensei has been a soldier, and taken life personally. It's something that not many of the COs can associate with from their HQs. Whatever we think about Sensei, at some point in his life, he shot men in cold blood, and that should be remembered. His desire for peace is often seen as evidence for laziness, but I would put forwards that it is in fact due to the fact he has seen too much war in his time, and too much death. The fact that he brushes off Sonja when she asks about his past proves this in my opinion.

Of course, the final and most important point is about Sensei's past, and the small matter that he was 'the greatest CO that ever lived'

It obviously invites the question, why would the greatest CO that ever lived have left YC? Why would they have let him go?

Of course, I have my opinion about this; that he lost a huge battle, and was forced into a quiet exile. This isn't based on evidence though, and one could suggest that he simply couldn't take the hectic and violent life anymore. One thing is for sure though. Whatever happened to him as a paratrooper left a mark on him forever... He's still wearing the uniform isn't he?

Well, that's my opinion on Sensei! Disagree? Feel free to comment!

All the best


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5:31 pm - Just for a laugh...


Hey all,

Just thought you might appreciate these two little pictures. The first is, of course, our beloved Flak and Adder. The second is a little bonus for anyone who likes Soaring too close to the Sun, though I've put it behind an LJ cut due to its size...


Truly the sweetest couple in the world...


Behold Deinos...Collapse )

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5:23 pm - Inauguration!

Welcome one and all!

Welcome to the Advance Wars Fanfiction community, where people may freely discuss any aspect of AW fanfiction, from canon to characterisation, plot points to plot holes, free from the restraints of the review system!

Welcome especially to ff.netters, but hello also to everyone else! I'm Foulds, an Oxford Student with too much free time, and I hold the dubious honour of writing what is, to my knowledge, the third longest piece of AW fanfiction in existence (damn that CO Mel...)

Anyway, I hope we get a few regulars around here soon, and I humbly ask any ficcers to bring this society to the attention of your readers. The more people we have, the better!

Anyway, welcome all, and may the Eagle soar above you,

All the best,

Jon Foulds

PS, yes, that's me in the photo. It's an old photo...

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