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Script Format; We shall not be moved... well, maybe a little...

Hey all,

I'm just wondering about script format at the moment. I know the official stance is against it, but I'm just not too sure that's wholly fair. In general cases, I'm not a fan of script format in as far as it seems to be lazy; if the author can't be bothered to write prose, they can't be bothered to write good fiction either.

However, taking into account a recent story, White Nova; Day of the Spider, I can't feel but feel we're being pedantic. If a script format story is better written than an awful prosaic story, why should we hate the script format? In my experience outside of, dialogue only fics can actually be very curious, as without a narrator to signpost things, the meanings cab often by ambiguous.

As I say, I'm not sure where I stand. I reviewed White Nova positively, and I would do so again.

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Hmm... I'm not too sure where I stand either. Yes, generally the AW community's share of script stories were humor. My last story was also script and looking back on it, I simply added to stereotype that script= humor (not necessarily good humor).

However, I don't think we should automatically judge a fic as terrible because the format. I mean that would be like saying Macbeth was terrible, just because of the script format. Ok, White Nova: Day of the Spider is not the next Macbeth but there are some writers who wish to become great playwrights. Sadly, FF.NET doesn't allow script because of the stereotype. That means those who wish to become playwrights must look somewhere else to train.

This forum doesn't allow fics posted here but I think maybe there should be an exception to script stories like White Nova: Day of the Spider. Its the first good story from AW section that I read that is script.
I'll accept that that sounds like a good idea. The problem is that we reallt don't want to allow the random humour in here. If it's prose, let it in If not, let it in advance wars bunker (who allow script). The thing is, I don't really want this to become another forum for posting. Short entries, I can deal with, but it gets confusing when we have to start with word limits and such! Also, how could we say what fics were and weren't allowed? Why should script based be granted the extra bonus of being allowed here?

If you can come up with a satisfactory system, please tell me!



February 1 2005, 18:33:45 UTC 12 years ago

Hey Foulds, finally got my comp fixed and have internet access again! :)

I'm against scripts in general, but I never report them unless they are absolutely terrible stories. I have nothing against scripted fic if they are excellently written, it just ticks me off when they are both scripted and suck.