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A little introduction...

Hey all,

First things first, we now have a pretty forum! Thanks to Jen for doing all the technical coding flippery that gives us a forum suitably decorated for AW!

It would seem that a few people are completely new to Livejournal! Ok then, perhaps a quick guide to the basics;

1.) Before you can actually post, you have to join the community. Click on profile in the tab on the left (just above Hawke's head!) to get to the info screen, then click on join. After that, you can post at once!

2.) Post from the same info screen that I just mentioned. You should see a bar with several options (memories, monitor, etc), and you click on the pencil to post.

3.) If you have an opinion on something somebody has said, click on the link labelled 'Hawke! Come to me' underneath, and enter your comment there. It will be emailed to the person you answer. Click on 'x came by your command, my lord Sturm' to see the existing comments and comment on them.

Sorry if I'm going over (very) basic information again for people who regularly use LJ (and those who are addicted to it... like me) but I'm just trying to make it easy for people who are new.

Hope that's helpful!

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