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Hey all,

Right, I've come up with another use for this forum as a resource. After I (wholly accidently) ended up using the White Sun nation, after CO Mel got to it first, I setting up this thread as an archive of all original countries and, so that none are reused. Of course, comment and add on your own (I'm not mentioning Red Mesa, I don't know enough about it!).

White Sun (Foulds);

Approximately 1000 years ago, later became the four nations we know. Clashed with Black Hole's original civilisation, and defeated them due to a super weapon called the 'White Sun' Sturm was one of those badly injured. The weapon was eventually buried in Green Earth territory. Other details lost. Hawke attempted to use the White Sun weapon, but Eagle was able to destroy it.

White Nova (Lilly Dragon);

A small country, which has seemingly avoided Black Hole's attention so far. Hawke is presently using Lash's new spider droids against it. The country is ruled by Marie, and supported by COs Seth and William (presently injured).

White Nova (Sokar the Destroyer)

A curious nation with an as yet unspecified link with Sturm. Their units have a clear similarity to Black Hole's. Led by Horahkti, and his daughter Sehkmet, who are supported by Seth and Sobek, White Nova appears to believe Sturm is still alive. Their forces have destroyed regional forces of both Black Hole and the alliance, but the invasion, despite the presence of the Xenotank weapon, has since stalled due to writer's block.

White Nova (Steelborn Warrior);

A largely pointless country where people speak in stunted script format. Ruled by Michael and Clayton, both of whom lack characterisation. Clayton has a habit of having largely pointless adventures.

Silver Mountain (Macross Green);

Another small nation, possibly within the same landmass as Black Hole itself. Previously very oppressed and used for weapons' testing, Sturm seems to have taken a very strong dislike to the country, personally conducting executions on at least one occassion. Under Hawke's rule, there appeared to be a strategic retreat. The COs, Arik, Net, Lance and Sheila, assumed that this was on account of their victories. In fact, Black Hole has been orchestrating a new conflict between Silvr Mountain and Orange Star, which appears to be largely under Adder's command. Silver Mountain is presently preparing for a full assault, after Sheila assumed that Arik's humanitarian thoughts were in fact treacherous.

If anyone has read CO Mel's work, add his White Sun, as well as any others I've missed!

I will soon start a thread for original COs (hopefully ultimately ending in a deathmatch to determine who's the coolest!)

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