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Topic for consideration...

Ok y'all, time for curious little musing for you. This is the thread for all thoughts about a certain CO. I don't want to write any overarching theories that explain it all (though I have them) mainly as it would ruin the end of Soaring, but I just want a forum to exist, to discuss...


So, what do we all think of Eagle? Villain in the first game? Hero in the second? Is it that simple? Can the Eagles of the two games possibly be reconciled in terms of character, or did Ninty just ignore continuity? Should he be with Sami or Jess? Was continuing the attack against Hawke heroic or foolish? I personally presently love the interpretation of Eagle in Competing with Perfection, but do you think any fic has a standout 'Eagle' moment! Feel free to quote one!

So, any opinions on Eagle then...?
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