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Joint project

Hey all,


I was seriously not expecting such a strong and keen reaction to the idea of a unified AW fic. Well, I guess that settles it then; it will go ahead. First we have a few things to sort out. As much as I love the idea of a joint fic, I'm not sure about the numbers involved. I would have said that three is a good number, but of course I'm not going to say anything concrete. I guess it has to be up to everyone. How many should be involved. I'm just thinking that 5 perspectives could be too confusing, and by the time we've had five chapters, maybe the reader will have forgotten the first character's section.

Of course, there are alternatives.

One idea is to assign a nation to each of us, which would work. But, the big problem is of course that this would stop countries' COs talking to any other nations (because who would write that...?). Maybe it's not such a great idea.

My initial thought was to have three people involved; one playing Black Hole, and then two others playing two other characters from the alliance. Of course, I suppose we could have three COs. In this situation, perhaps it would be better for the protagonist COs to avoid each other, except maybe at the end. In general, I was thinking of the following format;

  • Prose, but with direct speech.
  • An update once a week, on the same day (ie, so each would have to write a chapter the same number of weeks as we have authors... yes).
  • A strict word limit on each chapter (just so it can't get too time consuming)
  • Not first person. There is a narrator, but he is presumably NOT omniscient, and ought to stick with his one character and only know the thoughts of the POV character. All other characters may only be described as the POV character perceives them... though, as always, strict POV rules can go right of the window to create 'the foreboding ending'.

Ok, if you really desperately want to do this, I'm happy to allow in plenty of people (maybe some character could share a chapter; ie, two short chapters could be put in) but if anyone feels it just sounds interesting, do say so.

Ok, next, the plot. Now I'm not sure if any of you that showed an interest in the piece had your own plot in mind. If not, I do have a intriguing little plot in mind that I'd love to look at, but don't really have focus for. Anyway, I've leave my rambling to see what other people think, and any of my ideas will of course be freely adapting to 'absorb' any plots/ideas/set pieces you'd love to add in.

Oh yes, and I've added you all to my MSN / AIM lists to have a chat about it all. So any of y'all can contact me about it, I am officially on MSN and 'Jon Foulds 86' on AIM.

Maybe later we can organise a time to conference as a group, when we know who exactly is involved, as this will be quicker than email plotting (as a staunch supporter of knowing where a fic is going), but then, figuring out time differences will be fun.

Anyway, that's the end of a lengthy post.


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