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Hey all,

Ok, I think I've got a vague plan worked out, which I hope everyone can get behind. So far, I've only spoken to Archfiend, and we went over a few ideas, and I think that helped.

Firstly, I don't want to exclude anyone from this, and I thought that while 3 people would be good, 3 characters most certainly wouldn't, as we do need more POVs than that. Therefore, I came to the following proposal for the story's structure. Please note, while I do use the future in this proposal a lot, that doesn't mean I'm dictating anything. I'm just saying it could be done this way;

  • There will be five writers (Keeper of the Scarf, Mesanshade, Foulds, Genocideking Archfiend and Christianneoplayer).
  • Each of the writers named above will choose a character from whose perspective they will write their chapters. Of course, an author may occasionally take on a new POV for a chapter; the point is that POV doesn't sway around as much as it sometimes might.
  • Each of the writers named above will write from a third person perspective (for consistancy), using the viewpoint of a non omniscient narrator, who can only see into the mind of the POV character. Exceptions are of course allowed, but POV should not sway too much. In all fairness, this seems to be the natural preferred writing style of everyone mentioned above.
  • The reasoning behind assigning fixed view points is to prevent narrative inconsistency. If several people each write a section on Hawke, the tone and characterisation will vary massively, and the sections might seem harder to follow.
  • Updates are to be once a week, on a predetermined day (ie, Friday).
  • As we have five writers, I suggest that the fic should be broken up into three weekly blocks. Basically, each chapter contains the chapter of two authors, to provide greater variation of tone, and combat the problems of the limitations of a chapter with only one POV character. Therefore, every week, two authors write their sections, which go up together. Another week, two other authors write their sections. At some point in the rotation of three weeks, one author writes a chapter of only one section. With five stories to choose from, I can't believe that we couldn't manage to give one character a full chapter.
  • As an example of the previous system (using randomly chosen pairings and timings), within a three week rotation, Scarf and Mesanshade might write chapter 1, Genocide and Christi might write chapter 2, and I might write a full length chapter three.
  • Because of the combination of two sections written by different people, I suggest that we need an editor. This editor is sent the fics, at which point he combines them into a single chapter, and posts it. It will not be the editor's responsibility to proof read the chapter. A chapter should be sent to the editor only after the author is happy with it. The editor has no right to change the content in any way. The editor will not choose the name of the title of the chapter (which will be a matter to be decided by the two authors). We can discuss if anyone wants this task later.
  • An excessive number of words has badly hurt fics in the past (cough cough Soaring cough cough), and I want to avoid that. Therefore, I would suggest a word limit for each entry of 3000 words a chapter, and so 1500 words a section, with 1000 words a section a far preferred maximum, as it gives room for description and also keeps it from getting out of control. As this is an exercise in trying to allow us all a more relaxed fic experience, I think a word limit is a good idea. As Scarf says, we shouldn't be too strict about this.
  • The pairings of each three week cycle can be determined by email, AIM, MSN or LJ post. Btw, Shade, I strongly suggest you get an AOL AIM account (they're free) as the other free have one, and I signed up to speak to them.

Ok, I think that's about it. I think that such a format might work, but I of course understand that this is completely up to all of you, and will make changes if necessary. If all of you agree on such a structure, I'll make arrangements to start discussing the plot. As previously mentioned, I have a vague idea that I've toyed around with, but it lacks so much focus that it might be well suited, as everyone will get a lot of input.

Unfortunately, after a chat with Genocide, I'm not sure it'll work in a character-specific POV piece, and if so, I'm happy to start from scratch and begin with a new plot. We'll deal with that if/when we have to, and a conference on AIM seems the easiest method of discussing it openly and quickly (as we are at most 6 hours apart in time zones).

Anyway, opinions?


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