Jon (foulds) wrote in advance_wars_ff,

A little more information, a little less... hang on

Ok, just to clarify;

I think it's time we moved the plot sensitive stuff off the open forum, as now and later (when, as will happen, hundreds of people will read the story) anyone could look up this forum and be told the ending. I think that shouldn't happen, and so I deleted all the plot sensitive comments. Reposted the same message and added the comments there.

For those new to LJ, I used a locked entry. This measn that it will appear in the friends page, and not the forum (though I'm not sure where exactly. You should be able to click on friends on the list of options over Hawke and, if you're one of the 5 writers, see it straight away. Alternatively, click on profile to get you back to an LJ main menu, then hold the mouse over 'Journal' and then 'Friends' and the entries I posted should appear.

I would ask anyone who is going to post plot sensitive material to do the same. To set up your own 'locked entry'. Hold the mouse over 'Manage' and then 'Friends' and then click on 'Edit/Add Friends Groups'. Create a new group, and, using the right hand side of the screen, add the five writers into it. Then, when you write a post, using the box at the bottom (including mood, music, etc), click on the tab labelled 'security' and set it to 'custom'. At that point, a box will appear. Tick the box of whatever you named the group of writers, and then ONLY the 5 will see it in their friends pages.

PS, this doesn't mean that LJ's open forum is already useless. I say we use the LJ forum to discuss chapters already posted, and private locked entries for material not yet posted.

PPS, Christi, I checked my locked group, and you should be in it... Scarf replied, so I guess he must have seen it. Let me know if you still don't see any locked entries (you'll know they're locked as they have a little padlock symbol next to them), then let me know, and I'll try to fix it, ok?

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