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Welcome one and all!

Welcome to the Advance Wars Fanfiction community, where people may freely discuss any aspect of AW fanfiction, from canon to characterisation, plot points to plot holes, free from the restraints of the review system!

Welcome especially to ff.netters, but hello also to everyone else! I'm Foulds, an Oxford Student with too much free time, and I hold the dubious honour of writing what is, to my knowledge, the third longest piece of AW fanfiction in existence (damn that CO Mel...)

Anyway, I hope we get a few regulars around here soon, and I humbly ask any ficcers to bring this society to the attention of your readers. The more people we have, the better!

Anyway, welcome all, and may the Eagle soar above you,

All the best,

Jon Foulds

PS, yes, that's me in the photo. It's an old photo...
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