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advance_wars_ff's Journal

The Open Society for Advance Wars Fanfiction
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This will be the Advance Wars Community for the 21st Century! All this started when, in the face of some less than perfect fanfiction, we needed somewhere to discuss things, and chat about plots, characterisation and generally keep in touch.

Me and Jen had been talking about something like this for some time anyway, and so this community was born!

I've made a few rules, just to lay down the basics. I am presently intending that this forum should not be used to post fanfiction. If you want to discuss a fic, provide the link or give us a title and site. Please do not go putting up several thousand word entries. Of course, that's just my thought on the matter. If you think that these rules are in any way unfair, feel free to post about it, and I will happily change them if there is support to do so.

There are a few rules, but they're pretty simple and obvious;

i.) No flaming please. If you disagree, that's fine. We're here as a writing resource, so could entries be kept as constructive criticism, if negative.

ii.) Please do not post actual full length fanfiction here. Full stories should be posted at fanfiction.net. Script Format stories should not be posted here, and awbunker.com accepts script format.

iii.) Feel free to post snippets, sneak previews or extracts. Quotes to illustrate an argument are also fine. I won't impose a word limit, but please be sensible and keep such entries short. We're here to discuss fanfiction, not read it. If you want to discuss how you might improve a chapter, whether or not it's already posted elsewhere, feel free to post it (preferably behind an LJ cut), but on condition that it is posted for examination here.

iv.) Please do not advertise other communities here. Such entries, unless actually in some way relevant, WILL be removed by the community maintainers.

v.) Before you start a new topic (ie, a discussion on a particular CO or fic) please check that there isn't an existing thread.

vi.) Please introduce yourself when you join! Feel free to put up small snippets of any fic you've ever written.

vii.) All fanfiction posted here is the legal property of Nintendo, and we write with no intention to profit from it. With this disclaimer now up, you don't to bother with any further disclaimers! All original units, characters, countries and weapons are the intellectual property of the author. The Society kindly asks that original material posted here is not 'borrowed' without the permission of the author.

All the best, and may the Eagle soar above you,

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