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Hi, Foulds.

Its great to see this forum up and running. Alright! Day one and already we're getting into character depth. First up is Sensei, huh? Cool.

Yeah, first time I saw in the Yellow Campaign he seemed like a pretty humble guy. I thought my eyes were deceiving me whenever I saw him told Adder off in 'Sensei's Return'. The guy's humble and all of the sudden he's tells Adder that he won't win if he didn't understand what he told him. It seemed like he was just stating a fact.

I always did wonder what happened to Sensei that forced him to leave Yellow Comet when he was great CO back then. I think you're right about him losing a huge battle and going into exile. 'Soaring' has a very good interpretation of how he lost. It would be pretty hard to win against units that are completely new to the world. Tanks going up against MD. Tanks, Battle copters taking on Anti-airs, artillery vs rockets... As great as Sensei was there's no way anyone can win against such odds.

Oh by the way, love that 'Love is...' comic. Heh, Adder wishes he could rule the world. Actually accomplishing it is a task outside of his ability. As for Deinos... Not quite how I pictured him but its great nonetheless.
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